Saturday, May 14, 2011

Only One Mother in The Whole World

Remember I said that I will tell about the cross stitch that I initially did for my mom but kept it for myself instead?  Well, that happened a few years back when a friend, K.Midah showed me a book that her son gave. In it were poems, etc about mothers. Very lovely book indeed and I decided to make a cross stitch based on an excerpt from a poem (author unknown).

Most of all the other beautiful things in life came by twos and threes, 
by dozens and hundreds, 
Plenty of roses, stars and sunsets, rainbows, 
brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, 
But only one mother in the whole world

For the border, I used a chart I bought in my hometown a few years earlier (very cheap) which I had stashed and almost forgotten about it (Luckily I remember where I stashed it). I began with stitching the borders first....I always love flowery design. So when I saw the flowers beginning to take shape one by one, it was motivation enough to keep on going. The hard part was trying to fit in all the above excerpt right in the middle of the design. I had to decide on the right font size and it was quite difficult to do. But I did it anyway. Here's the result.

OK, closer view...

After I completed framing and all, that's when I realized that I should keep this piece myself as a constant reminder...I felt that it would meant more to me than to my mom (afterall she doesn't speak English). This piece has a pride of place in my living room and whenever I look at it, my mom comes to my mind. I love you Mak!

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