Friday, June 17, 2011

Cross Stitch on Felt

This is my first attempt to do cross stitch on felt. Ever since I started doing felt craft, I hardly do any cross stitching which is actually my first love. No, I haven't forgotten it...I simply do not have the time...*sigh!*
Anyway, when my son's 14 year old classmate requested me to make a pink heart keychain with lots of letterings, I simply had to take the opportunity to cross stitched it instead of sticking felt/foam letterings.

For the front view, she requested to put the letters i, l, y, s. f, d, m. Don't ask me what the letters stand for...I guess it's I Love You So F..D...Much? I decided to use pastel colors felt and freehand stitching for the letters.

For the rear, she asked to put the letters SN,UK. This is when I decided to cross stitched the letters. Here's how it looks like. It's quite tricky because the letters consist of full stitch, half stitch and back stitch.
My son's friend is delighted with the result and to me that's the most important thing! ;-)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Orders from Moli

This is the order from a new found friend Moli from Sarawak.

Moli, the package is already on the way to you. I seriously hope you'll like the Domokun.....huhuhuhuhu!!


I had no idea what this Domokun is but it's so popular kids are crazy about it. I've been nagged for quite some time by my kids to make Domokun keychain and handphone charm but I kept on ignoring them. Why? Because I don't know what it is... a monster or what? Why kids love it I can't fathom. I'm still from the old school...I love Disney characters better.

Anyway, you have to go with the flow. A new found friend, Moli requested me to make Domokun keychain and handphone charm for her. That's when I sit down and tried to make them (much to the delight of my kids). Of course my kids now have a pair of keychain and handphone charm each (the prototypes that I'm not satisfied of).

Finally, the Domokuns that I made. Howzat? Grrrrrrrr.....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet Flower Hairclip

I've always love the vibrant colors of flowers. Much of my finished cross stitch projects are of flowers. But since my abode does not have much space to grow flowers....well, that's just an excuse...actual reason is I'm afraid my plants will wither due to lack of water (either I forget to water them or I water them at night after I come back from work)..Sigh! So I end up doing cross stitch of flowers (sentiasa cantik & tak layu) and have lots of flower arrangements at home (mostly done by mak).

Now I've come up with these flower hairclip. Suka sangat tengok warna-warna dia.

Ni pulak is my darling daughter pakai clip ni on her tudung. Belum apa-apa, dia dah rembat dulu warna pink.

 If you are interested, I still have these hairclips available. It's only RM2.50 each. Murah kan?