Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet Flower Hairclip

I've always love the vibrant colors of flowers. Much of my finished cross stitch projects are of flowers. But since my abode does not have much space to grow flowers....well, that's just an excuse...actual reason is I'm afraid my plants will wither due to lack of water (either I forget to water them or I water them at night after I come back from work)..Sigh! So I end up doing cross stitch of flowers (sentiasa cantik & tak layu) and have lots of flower arrangements at home (mostly done by mak).

Now I've come up with these flower hairclip. Suka sangat tengok warna-warna dia.

Ni pulak is my darling daughter pakai clip ni on her tudung. Belum apa-apa, dia dah rembat dulu warna pink.

 If you are interested, I still have these hairclips available. It's only RM2.50 each. Murah kan?

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