Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday Gift

Tomorrow, 28th Feb is my daughter's 9th birthday. Besides the normal makan2 with family, birthday cake and birthday present, she wants to celebrate with her classmates too. So, as per previous years, I prepared goodie bags full of chocolates and candies (kids, remember to brush your teeth ya?) for her to bring to school tomorrow. But wait! Since they will be celebrating Maulidur Rasul tomorrow, we have to postpone her birthday celebration to Tuesday.

To make a difference to this year's goodie bag, I have decided I want to make a kanzashi flower hairclip for each of her classmates. Tapi tak kan nak bagi hairclip to boys ekk? I had no idea what to give to the boys until yesterday morning (before I even had breakfast) I did this keychain. I hope the boys will like this. 

I am now feverishly doing 21 pieces of this keychains and 23 pieces of hairclips. I have completed 10 keychains and 9 hairclips so far. I still have another 11 keychains and 13 hairclips to do before the big day on Tuesday. And I have to go to work tomorrow. Not to mention the heaps of clothes (as high as Everest) waiting to be ironed....

Oh, we had a lovely birthday cake....Chocolate Moist Cake with fresh strawberries. Specially made by my old colleague, Cik Non. Visit her at her blog :

Gotta go! Dah terketar2 nih nak siapkan the birthday gifts...Hope the kids will love it!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Current Cross Stitch Project

Here's my current cross stitch project. 

(Awatlah bila upload, kain dia nampak blue? Walhal I took this photo under natural light...sigh!)

I started this since 1st March 2010! OMG! It's nearly one year and what you see here is not even half completed. This is a giant project. Sampaikan chart dia pun dah nak hampir lunyai...tapi tak siap2 jugak. And I feel guilty to start stitching other smaller projects...but come to think of it, bagus gak kalu I start smaller projects. Cepat siap and can boost my morale! hehehe!

Nanti bila dah siap my mega project ni, I will upload the finished product photo. Entah bilalah tu..jangan2 in the year 2020 nanti...huhuhuhu!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tsumami Kanzashi Flower HairClip

I first discovered Tsumami Kanzashi during this Chinese New Year holidays and ever since then I just can't stop making them. Tsumami Kanzashi are traditional Japanese folded flowers that are typically worn as hair ornaments in traditional Japanese hairstyles, made of silk of course. But I did mine using cotton print and scraps of other fabrics brought back from my mom's house. 

I've produced about a dozen of these flower hair clip ( I used black snap clip) since yesterday. 

I'll be creating more of these lovely flowers... baru beli new fabrics last nite ;-) . I'm selling these lovely hair clips at RM3 each.