Monday, February 14, 2011

Current Cross Stitch Project

Here's my current cross stitch project. 

(Awatlah bila upload, kain dia nampak blue? Walhal I took this photo under natural light...sigh!)

I started this since 1st March 2010! OMG! It's nearly one year and what you see here is not even half completed. This is a giant project. Sampaikan chart dia pun dah nak hampir lunyai...tapi tak siap2 jugak. And I feel guilty to start stitching other smaller projects...but come to think of it, bagus gak kalu I start smaller projects. Cepat siap and can boost my morale! hehehe!

Nanti bila dah siap my mega project ni, I will upload the finished product photo. Entah bilalah tu..jangan2 in the year 2020 nanti...huhuhuhu!

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